Colour Profiling service
for Apache printers

Axzyra offers a Colour Profiling service

Colour Profiling

We offer a Colour Profiling service to ensure you are achieving the best colour results from your Apache UV printer. With the flexible nature of the Apache UV printer range allowing you to print on a wide range of substrates, colour profiling is essential to ensure the best colour accuracy. We can print and measure colour charts or patches with your desired substrate in house.

Profiling for different materials and substrates

With multiple custom ink setups available, ranging from soft flexible inks to hard durable inks the Apache range can print onto a multitude of substrates. Therefore achieving accurate colours requires colour profiling. Axzyra can provide this service for each of your chosen substrates.

With our colour profiling setup in our workshop we can produce colour charts on your substrates which can then be measured back into the RIP software. Calibrated in real world viewing conditions process colours and pantone colours can be measured and reproduced to the best capabilities of the ink sets.

Once calibrated for one substrate your profile can be remotely uploaded and setup so you can simply select a pre set mode to print your files. The RIP software can setup multiple print queues so that using the right setup is easy and straight forward. Should you need it our staff is available to advise and help with print optimisation so you can be sure of achieving the best results.

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