Rota-AX® Full 360 degree print

The highest quality bottle printer on the UK/EMEA market.

Rota-Ax – Full 360-degree print.

THE -Ax® is perfect for:

  • Vacuum-formed cups, beverage cans, wine and cosmetic bottles
  • Conical, tapered, awkward-shaped bottles and tubes
  • All types of metal, plastic and glass substrates


The Rota-Ax® Rotary format UV LED printer Faster, affordable, versatile… Rota-Ax® is specially engineered for high-efficiency 360° seamless printing on tapers/cylinders, such as cups, bottles, tins, and cans. Compared with traditional taper/cylinder printing, like pad printing, screen printing and label printing, Rota-Ax® has the advantage in being free from plates, with fast warm-up and short turnaround times.

Rota-Ax® is specialised in producing, smooth gradients and vivid images on tapers/cylinders, not being achieved with other printing technologies. Rota-Ax® is an ideal choice for taper/cylinder printing in short- and medium-run, customised and personalised production, package proofing applications, etc.


  • Print Head Technology

  • Ink Curing

    LED UV

  • Nozzle Diameter

    3.5 (pl)

  • Print Diameter

    40mm – 120mm

  • Print Dimensions Max

    200mm x 210mm

  • RH


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