Laser Cutter Engravers

We have configured the AXZYRA L range of machines to make laser cutting and engraving a truly great experience. From setup, through usage to after sales support you will find that we do things a little bit differently at Axzyra.

This flexible low cost machine provides both cutting and engraving operation. The L range is capable of cutting and engraving a wide range of materials due to the CO2 wavelength of the laser. The list includes acrylic, wood, paper, card, foam, synthetic leather.

Air Assisted Cutting

  • Air assisted cutting for cleaner etching and smoother part finish
  • Maintains positive head pressure to minimise risk of damage to lens’
  • Removes debris from cutting area to maximise cut quality
  • Downward flow of gasses aids extraction of smoke for cutting bed
  • Optional Solenoid system for software controlled air assisted cutting & engraving

Multi-function HMI Features with RDWorks Software

HMI Features:

  • Internal Storage for up to 99 programs at machine
  • USB stick compatible/ USB cable compatible port
  • Networkable with installation of wireless router
  • Program preview mode with accurate run time calculation
  • Power output from laser tube
  • Traverse speed readout
  • Output of position in X, Y and Z axis

RDWorks Software:

  • Import programs in a range of data flies including DXF, ai, plt, dst, & dsb
  • Draw & Edit in program (rotate, flip, change an objects size)
  • Automatically fill a work piece using arrays
  • Control, edit and view the cutting path
  • Modify lead in style and processing direction
  • Automatic path optimisation
  • Processing preview and process time output

One Touch Autofocus

  • One touch auto focus set up for all materials
  • Micro switch pen ensures no head collision and sets head and bed to correct focus height
  • Large window of operation due to 300mm cutting bed travel

Multi-function HMi

  • Touch pad controlled HMI interface at machine
  • Quickly set up and analyse programs
  • Manual mode for quick positioning
  • Origin set and part frame for quick offcut reference
  • Multi-function display with a number of features


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