Apache® 6045 Geni

A high speed small format UV LED printer.


The Apache® 6045 Geni high speed small format UV LED printer, the perfect choice for high quality printing on wood, acrylic, anodised aluminium, glass and many other substrates.

This 600mm x 450mm print area LED printer prints company logos and small text on promotional items, print onto tins, watch dials, instrument panels etc.

Use the Apache UV Inkjet printer for industrial printing for short runs and fine detail work instead of screen printing, it’s quicker and cheaper


  • Print Head Technology / Ink Configurations – 2 x Ricoh TH5241 heads, 3.5, 7 & 11pl
  • Curing – 2 x Air cooled UV LED: Two full UV LED (40mm length) or One full UV LED + One of small size UV for spot glossy effect(30mm length)  
  • Max Print Area mm 600 x 450mm printing area
  • Max Substrate Height 150mm head clearance
  • Bed Type – Teflon Coated Vacuum table (1 zone)
  • Inks 200ml Foil pouch
  • Resolution / Speed  (8Pass, Bi-direction) 3 Sq/m hr
  • Dimension / Weight 1260 x 730 x 1300 mm (Including stand) (W x L X H) / 90 kg


  • Rotary fixture for cylinder printing
  • Optional gloss varnish lamp


  • Print Head Technology

    UV Cure inkjet

  • Ink drop & print head config.

    2 x Ricoh TH5241 heads, 2.5, 5, 7.5(pl) (Total 8 channels Colour & white / varnish in-line heads for cylinder printing)

  • Curing

    LED UV Lamp

  • Max. print area (mm)

    600mm x 450 mm

  • Max. substrate height (mm)


  • Bed type

    Teflon Coated Vacuum table (1 zone)

  • Inks

    200ml Foil pouch per channel

  • Resolutions

    600 x 1200 dpi

  • Speed

    8Pass, Bi-direction) 3 Sq/m hr

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