Understanding the UV Printer, what it is and why to invest in it?

Printing has been a profitable business for many years now, and many businesses continue to make money by providing printing services for a variety of purposes. 

Given the attempts to accommodate the amazing ideas people have, the printing industry has advanced over time, giving us more options than ever. Out of all the many printers you can use for your business, there is one currently gaining the spotlight: the flatbed UV printer. 

The wide-format ultraviolet-curing flatbed printing is predicted to be more in-demand in the year 2022. If you are considering investing in a printer for your upcoming business, here is some information about this incredible option:

What is a Flatbed UV Printer?

Flatbed UV printers are capable of printing on any flat surface, be it plastic, film, cloth, glass, wood, ceramic, or metal. The printing usually takes place directly on the material where the print will appear.

These printers use a special ink called UV curable inks that makes printing on various surfaces possible. This printer is originally used in printing for commercial business, but nowadays, even up-and-coming companies have invested in this printer for more business opportunities. 

Why is the Flatbed UV Printer Gaining Attention?

There are quite a few explanations for this type of printer’s popularity today. Here are a few:

  • It offers fast and cost-effective printing to various industries, making it popular among advertising agencies, entertainment companies, healthcare industries, event companies, educational institutions, and retail markets.
  • It has gained traction because of its capability to print large materials, often an important factor for the above industries. It is the best printer to produce the announcement tarpaulins, banners, posters, and other large formats.
  • It can print on varied materials, making it a flexible option for many. 
  • It offers highly durable prints. That means you would not always need to mount and laminate your printed material, especially since you can now directly print on glass, wood, or metal.

Understanding How It Works

  • As mentioned earlier, the Flatbed UV Printer uses special curable inks. The ink is made of acrylic monomers that polymerise when exposed to UV light. As an effect, it creates a long-lasting and durable print on your chosen material. This ink is also responsible for making the prints cost-effective. The ink is more costly, but it comes in a greater volume, therefore producing more than other ink formats. 
  • The printer also comes with an adjustable printing bed. This feature allows it to accommodate the wide range of surface it can print on, regardless of the thickness of the material. 
  • During printing, the vacuum table holds the surface in place. Only the other parts of the printing system move during production. The printhead carriage and gantry, for example, follows the intended printing pattern instead of moving the canvass, making sure the print is applied accurately.
  • The machine allows you to print edge to edge and on double-side, lessening your need to cut or trim. 

For businesses providing customised products, investing in a printer like the UV flatbed printer is an excellent idea. Having a printer for your business can open up more opportunities for your company. All you need is to find the right supplier that can make sure you get the perfect printer your business needs. They should provide you with the options and perhaps training to ensure you and your company know how to maximize the use of the printer. The right supplier would also provide you with the assistance you need, from maintaining to fixing the machinery when required. 

Should you want to pursue your printing business or take it to the next level, you can get your UV printer from us. Axzyra is a technology business located in the Hamlet of Conington, north of the Inkjet Technology Hub in Cambridge, UK. We have many inkjet machinery options that your business might just be looking for!