Top 4 High-Quality Applications for Flatbed Printers

A flatbed printer, also called UV flatbed printer, is an industrial printer that uses advanced printing technologies such as ultraviolet LED light. That marks its difference from the traditional printing process, which uses extreme heat.

In fact, flatbed printers have drastically changed from the earliest days of printing technology. It now offers a larger print bed, higher speed and overall better print quality. 

With that said, flatbed printers offer the best use of today’s technology. Naturally, it is compatible with different applications, such as the following:

Print on Bags

Due to calls for better and environmentally friendly shopping bags, growing demand for customised reusable bags graced the market. Businesses leveraged this demand for promotional branding. That way, they use something more eco-friendly and promote their brand to consumers at the same time. 

The recent introduction of the new flexible UV ink made printing on bags possible. It stretches and bends alongside the bag to catch all blank areas. In addition, digital printing on bags makes it easier to change the graphics, provide customisation options and improve the print quality.

Print on Pop Sockets

Printing on pop sockets has been a trend in recent years due to the demand for pop sockets. These small, round things are attached to the back of a phone to give the holder a better grip and to let the phone stand horizontally on a flat surface. The pop socket comes in different varieties and has a growing demand for customisation due to it being a black canvas. 

Additionally, pop sockets are an excellent candidate for flatbed printing since the technology fits well with it. Now, anyone can print on their pop socket even in the comfort of their homes.

Print on Power Banks

Power banks are the unpraised saviour for long trips and vacations. You can find them in any electronics store due to high demand. They typically differ in size but usually come in plain colors like black or white. With flatbed printing, you can now have it designed with anything you like. For instance, you can print a simple logo or any graphic design you created. Not only does it make good promotional items, but they are also perfect gifts for friends!

Print on Saw Blades

Digital printing on saw blades is now also possible, thanks to flatbed printing. Companies can use it for promotional or even instructional purposes. You can print the usage instructions directly on the blade. Any changes to the instructions or promotions can be easily adjusted and reprinted. In addition, the ink is durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

Flatbed printers unarguably produce high-quality images resistant to scratches, wear and tear and sun exposure. It sets it apart from traditional printing methods to a full extent. Additionally, it only uses ultraviolet LED light for the printing process, skipping all the post-print processes required in conventional ways.  Overall, it’s a much better option, and it can be used on a variety of flat surfaces.

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