Problems with Embroidering and Why Digital Printing Is Best

There are several embroidery problems that people usually face. The first one is that you need to decide whether to print or embroider your logo or graphics onto your clothing item. If you don’t want to go with workwear, then embroidery is the best choice of customization option for you. These days, most of the consumers want a premium look and usually go for embroidery on apparel that they want to keep for a long time with them. Embroidery is an elaborated process, and you need to have patience and a bit of finesse to be successful in it. That is why now we have listed all the problems that people find with this craft:

1 – Bad Density

The main reason behind this problem is that you are using the wrong type of fabric for embroidery. If you are sewing your workwear with cheap fabric, or if you are going for embroidery on cheap fabric, then it is naturally going to look bad. Cheap fabric usually does not have a good thread count, and hence, the embroidery design looks bad on it. That is why, whenever you want to get your embroidery done to a cheap fabric, you will have to spend more on the extra thread, and this brings up the cost of your clothing item.

2 – Digitizing Small Text

Digitizing small text is a difficult task, and you need to have a good designer who can get that done for you. It is not a problem if you digitize large text and embroider it on your item. But if you need to embroider smaller text, then that is a hard task, and you need to have a skilled designer to help you out.

3 – Inconsistency in Placement

This is a very common problem that you might face with the embroidery process. The problem will be that the embroidery might not be the same consistency on all the clothes, and this will lower the value of your clothing item. You need to have a skilled embroiderer to get this problem solved.

4 – Color Inconsistencies

Another problem that people usually face is colour inconsistencies. If you are not using a good type of thread, and you are using the wrong type or quantity of thread, then the embroidery colour will be inconsistent. You need to use good thread when you are getting your embroidery done, and you also need to make sure that you are using the right type and quantity of thread.

5 – Border Problems

Another common problem that you might face with embroidery is the border problem. The border should be in a sharp line, and it should be in the same consistency as the design that you are printing.


Embroidery is a very complicated technique, and you will need a skilled embroiderer to get the job done for you. If your embroiderer can’t get the job done, and if you still want embroidered workwear, then you can go for digital printing. Digital printing is a modern technique, and it uses digital print to get the work done. It is a very easy technique, and you will not have to go through the problem that you will face with embroidery.

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