Here Are 7 Fantastic Things You Can Do with Your Printer

Things You Can Do with Your Printer

Do you have a printer at home, and you’re wondering what else this electronic device can do aside from printing documents? You’re on the right page because we will share with you some unique and exciting things that you can do with your printer.

  1. Colourful Children’s Games and Crafts

With the increasing number of parents who are homeschooling their kids, they are often forced to print many documents, workbook exercises and writing activities. Learning is more fun with the help of engaging printed materials. This is mostly true if you have kids or younger children who are more engaged in using paper, writing pads and drawing tools. Examples of crafts that you can print are decorative masks, colouring sheets, paper fans and more.

Another challenge for parents is how to keep their kids entertained after homeschooling for the day. Good thing, various online resources can provide you with templates of board games and other exciting activities.

  1. Greeting Cards

Who says sending postcards and greeting cards are no longer on-trend today? Let’s admit it; we feel special when we receive a handwritten card from someone. It gives a sense of appreciation, value and love. Amazingly, your printer has several settings that can help you print in different sizes, colours and designs.

You can also create your own card designs and message, and have them printed based on your preference. Whether you’re printing a lovely greeting card, a business card or a cute invitation, your printer will be your partner in creating unique and stunning cards.

  1. Printed Artwork

If you’re an art-lover and fond of drawing, designing and painting, you can also print out your masterpieces. It is better to use a high-end inkjet printer instead of a laser printer because its ink gives more vivid and accurate colours. Your artworks will be highlighted and become livelier.

Also, if you’re a photographer and would like to display your shots, your printer can have them printed into high-quality photographs. You can have them as decor in your home or put them up for sale.

  1. Pretty Stickers and Decals

If you’re an entrepreneur and would love to enhance your promotional strategy, you can create enticing stickers, decals and labels for your products or services. You can create them using free software or tools and print them. Just make sure to check your printer’s settings to ensure the stickers, labels and decals are printed correctly based on your desired sizes and colours.

Designing and printing your own stickers and labels can definitely help you save more money for promos and ads. 

  1. Custom Napkins

Once parties and outdoor activities are allowed again, you can create custom napkins to add impact on how you enjoy your dining experience. Have an additional touch to your napkins by printing something cute and special on them. You can add pictures, logos, initials and other decorative touches.

  1. DIY Lunch Paper Bags and Business Paper Bags

Yes, you can create a unique paper bag that you can bring to school or the office. You can add personalised calligraphy or design. Or, you can print your business’s logo to promote your brand.

You can also make some DIY lunch paper bags more trendy and exciting by printing out labels and sticking them on the bag. What you need is to unleash your creativity and a printer to do the job.

  1. Business Cards

Business cards are essential in the world of entrepreneurs. Handling someone a business card can be the start of a lasting business relationship. However, ordering business cards from some designing and publishing companies can be expensive. 

You can save a lot if you create your own business cards at home. There are templates available online that you can use. Once the design is ready and finalised, you can print and cut them. 

Undoubtedly, a printer is one of the valuable inventions that we have today. It is primarily used for school and work purposes. It’s time to let your printer provide you with more exciting things other than a printed page of text. You can create more unique items using a printer; you’ll just need to be creative and willing to discover more.
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