5 Benefits to Be Enjoyed from UV LED Printers

UV LED Printers

Have you ever heard of something called LED UV printing? It is a unique piece of technology that allows businesses to produce high-quality printing results that no traditional printing solutions can match. In fact, if you want to make the best first impressions possible with your brochures, postures, and the like, LED UV printing is the way to go.

That being said, why is LED UV printing so good? It can’t be that better than traditional printing solutions, right? Well, let us talk about why LED UV printing is just so great:

1. It Is Eco-friendly

As you may have guessed, an LED UV printer dries its paint using UV light instead of heat. This allows the paint to dry almost instantaneously, ensuring that the ink retains its colour and quality while still cutting down on turnaround times. Because of these benefits, less ink is also used compared to conventional printing machines. More specifically, approximately 20% less ink is used with an LED UV printer versus a traditional printer. Apart from that, an LED UV printer also uses much less power, which makes it an even more eco-friendly solution than it already is.

2. It Offers Fast Drying

As stated earlier, an LED UV printer almost immediately dries any ink it applies to a material. Rather than using heat, it uses UV light that cuts down what would take minutes down to a couple of seconds. This leads to huge time and cost saves in the long run, thanks to the significant cut of turnaround times. In fact, turnaround times have been cut down by around 40%, which is massive.

3. It Promises Quality Finishes

If there is anything that the UV LED printer is good at doing, it is ensuring that the finished results are one you can be proud of. Thanks to the printer’s capability, the results produced are incredible, even to the point that one can proudly say that it produces the highest quality brochures around. 

4. It Works on Various Materials

With the UV LED printer’s capability, one does not have to worry about being stuck with printing only on paper. If you feel like printing on silk, uncoated paper, or any other material, the printer can get it done. This material versatility is incredibly beneficial, especially if you wanted different finishes on the final printed product to make things a lot more interesting.

5. It Ensures Colours Are Sharp

If you’ve ever used traditional printing machines before, you understand the disappointment that commonly occurs when the final result looks nothing like the one shown on the screen. Generally, colours are much more muted. Fortunately, a UV LED printer solves this problem by ensuring the ink showcases its maximum potential. With UV LED printers, the ink does not sink into the material. This way, the colours are much sharper, making the brochures and other printed products much more bold and beautiful.

All in all, if any of these benefits are advantages you want to enjoy in your printed products, invest in LED UV printing solutions! Whether you’re going to purchase the printers yourself or ask a printing service to do it, utilising an LED UV printer will ensure that your brochures, pamphlets, and other printed products are shown in their best light. You can sit back and relax knowing that once your customers receive your brochures, they will be stunned at the remarkable quality and hard work you put into your prints. This can go a long way in not only creating good first impressions but building a solid foundation to enhance your reputation and grow your business.

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